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31 December 2017

The First Afghan War 1839-42 - Invasion, catastrophe and retreat, Richard MacRory.A deeply relevant look at the first, and most disastrous, British intervention in Afghanistan, which saw the complete destruction of a British army, in what was one of the worst setbacks ever suffered by the British army in India. Covers the reasons for the invasion, the initial campaign, the wasted year at Kabul, the build-up to disaster, the failed retreat and the army of retribution, which allowed the British to put a gloss on the war [read full review]

24 December 2017

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15 October 2017

Ancient Warfare Vol IX, Issue 6: A Feast for Dogs & Crows - The Aftermath of Battle An unusual theme, focusing on the aftermath of war, looking at the fate of the victors and vanquished, the return home and the celebrations of victory as well as the fate of the dead or the captive. Interesting to follow on from where most accounts of battles end, . Also looks at the real role of the Praetorian Guard, and the nature of the cuneus in Roman fighting. [see more]

Ancient Warfare Vol XI, Issue 2: On the Cusp of Empire - The Romans unify Italy Focuses on the period which saw Rome defeat its last enemies in peninsular Italy, the first stage on the road to Empire. An interesting focus on the Greeks of southern Italy, Rome's last major enemies , and a fascinating look at two newly discovered frescos recovered from grave robbers by the Italian police that give us images of some of Rome's enemies in this period. [see more]

8 October 2017

Operation Dragoon - The Invasion of the South of France, 15 August 1944, Andrew Stewart .A reprint of the Naval Staff History of Operation Dragoon, one of a series of studies written during and immediately after the war. Focuses very much on the naval aspects of the campaign, and on the initial battles close to the coast. Gives a clear picture of just how sizable a naval effort was involved in the invasion, both before, during and after the beach landings, including a major minesweeping effort, convoy escorts, the invasion fleet itself, air support and gun support for the coastal battles. [read full review]

17 September 2017

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27 August 2017

Ancient Warfare IX Issue 5: At the Point of a Sarissa - Warriors of the Hellenistic Age Focuses on the soldiers of the Hellenistic era, a period in which vast multinational armies competed for control of the Empire of Alexander the Great, while smaller powers attempted to maintain some form of independence, before all were swallowed up by Rome and Parthia. Mainly focuses on the soldiers themselves, but also has some interesting articles on the wider period, as well as a look at disease in the Roman army and on Hadrian's Wall. [see more]

Ancient Warfare IX Issue 4: Clash of the Colossi - The First Punic War Focuses on the First Punic War, a clash between the expanding Roman Empire and the long established Carthaginian Empire, then the dominant naval power of the western Mediterranean. Looks at two of the rare land battles of this war, the use of elephants and the all important naval clashes. Away from the theme covers the debate on PTSD in Ancient Greece and also includes a short story set during the time of Alexander the Great. [see more]

Ancient Warfare IX Issue 2: Struck with the Club of Hercules - The ascendancy of Thebes. Of the many states that dominated Ancient Greece, Thebes probably had both the most dramatic and shortest time in charge, running from their victory over the Spartans at Leuctra in 371 BC to the death of Epaminondas at Mantinea in 362 BC, but this decade changed the balance of power in Greece permanently. This issue focuses on those ten years, looking at the key figures and the key battles. Away from that looks at Roman tombstones, and the idea that Rome and China might have had contacts [see more]

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Sir John Moore - The Making of a Controversial Hero, Janet MacDonald.A full length biography of Sir John Moore, best known for the battle of Corunna and for training the rifle corps at Shorncliffe. As this book proves, he had an active and varied career, serving on Corsica, in the West Indies, Ireland, Holland, Egypt, Sicily and Sweden as well as in Spain and Portugal, so as well as providing a biography of Moore, this book also gives us a cross-section of the British army's activities during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. [read full review]

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5 January 2017

Operation Oyster: World War II's Forgotten Raid, Kees Rijken, Paul Schepers, Arthur Thorning .Looks at a complex low level raid on the Philips Radio Works at Eindhoven, carried out in daylight by a mixed force of Mosquitos, Venturas and Bostons. Covers the full range of the mission, from the original reasons for the attack, the planning, the mission itself, losses on both sides, the damage done to the factory and the civilian casualties in Eindhoven [read full review]